Heli Strike 3D Heli Strike 3D
Publisher: FISHLABS

Categories: Action, Shooting, 3D, 3D, Hành động, Bắn súng

Price Class: Premium


Fight as a reckless pilot in your combat helicopter behind the lines against a vast count of enemies at the sea, on land and in the air.


World piece is in danger. An enemy nuclear missile base in a remote country must be destroyed before it is fully operational. You are a reckless pilot of a combat helicopter armed to the teeth. On behalf of the World Freedom Organisation you take charge of this risky business and blast your way through enemy territory. In 9 campaign missions on different terrains with terrifying bosses opponents you fly over oceans, rivers and deserts and follow the orders of your general. You will get upgrades on parachutes for weapons, armour and health. For every accomplished mission you may receive medals and decorations. Besides the campaign missions you can play in scramble mode where you fight as long as you can on a random terrain. Awesome 3d graphics, compelling action and straight forward gameplay make Heli Strike 3D an outstanding action mega hit for your mobile phone!

Screenshots: Heli Strike 3D
Heli Strike 3D
Heli Strike 3D