Planet Riders 3D Planet Riders 3D
Publisher: FISHLABS

Categories: Racing, 3D, เกมประลองความเร็ว, 3D, Đua xe

Price Class: Premium Plus / Branded


In the third millennium there are race tracks in the orbits of the planets in our solar system. Teams from six nations race against each other in a merciless battle to win on orbital high-speed tracks from the burning hell of Mercury to the eternal ice of Pluto.


Daredevil pilots compete in hair-raising races on three-dimensional orbital race tracks with different jets from former army supplies and retired spaceships. Dirty tricks and even the use of weapons are allowed. Collect lasers, rockets and mines along the way in order to win the dangerous tournaments.

Screenshots: Planet Riders 3D
Planet Riders 3D
Planet Riders 3D