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App Stores Services

We provide our customers with an easily accessible and visually stunning App Store for any Android device, either pre-installed or downloaded as client.

Even if almost any Android device has the Android Market pre-installed, many Mobile Network Operators and Providers have the requirement to offer an own On-Device Portal/ Application Store branded in the channel’s look & feel and equipped with their services and features.

On-Device Portal clients for Android developed by SYNAPSY can be fully customized for a channel’s requirements in regard to features like:

  • Design
  • Language
  • Pricing & billing
  • Content selection
  • Channel specific features & services.

Furthermore this solution is bringing back full control over the experience users have, content offered and billing implemented in the service.

Like SYNAPSY’s On-Device Portal client for JavaME, Symbian, Bada & Brew devices, the Android ODP interfaces directly with the SYNAPSY Mobile Content Management & Delivery Solution (CMS/ CDS) so that any content aggregated for the specific channel can be discovered and ordered via this ODP.

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