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  • Android Solution Suite by Synapsy

Mobile services developed & managed by SYNAPSY have a proven track record as carrier-grade quality & performance services. JarJacket technology is based on long-term experience & fulfilling strict mass market rules demanding high quality, performance, flexibility & scalability. Worldwide leader in the development of Android solutions with the Android wrapper, ODP and market crawler.

Synapsy Solutions:

Android Wrapper

  • Utilizing the SYNAPSY Android Wrapper Solution, any Android application or game can be wrapped — and therefore equipped with extended innovative and useful features and service like
  • Flexible pricing models; Channel specific branding opportunities
  • Flexible Pre and Post-app/Game menu elements
  • Embedding of static (hard-coded) or dynamic ads

On Device Portal

Provide your customers with an easily accessible and visually stunning customized and branded app store for any Android device, either pre-installed or downloaded as client. On-Device Portal clients for Android developed by SYNAPSY can be fully customized for a channel’s requirements in regard to design, language, pricing & billing, content selection and channel specific features & services.

Android Crawler

With SYNAPSY’s Android Market Crawler (AMC), based on mechanics of any other Web Crawler but optimized for mobile, you can search for FREE and PAID Android files and display them in your own app store. AMC enables you to filter the search results that can reflect available content based on:

  • per country and language (locale)
  • per channel/operator
  • per Android software version (API level)
  • per Android device model

With AMC you can target your customers with specific games and apps; it gives you the total control over managing the apps provided in your channel.

Channel Extender

SYNAPSY’s Android Market Channel Extender provides Mobile Content Channels the opportunity to add and manage the huge content portfolio of the Android Market to own discovery and sales channels – no matter if Mobile/ WAP, Web or On-device.

  • Synapsy JarJacket Wrapper Technology

SYNAPSY’s unique JarJacket Wrapper technology is able to automatically equip almost any Java ME (J2ME) game or application with additional features – without having the source codes of the MIDlets! This innovative technology gives you the opportunity to embed customizable channel specific pre- and post-game menus in any mobile game/applications, while providing smart pricing options such as “pay per play”, “rent a game”, “subscription” and “buy to own”. The ordering of licenses including billing as well as DRM protected license key delivery can be realized as an “offline version” via SMS or as an “online version” by using the phones’ network connection – JarJacket licensing server ensures performance and secured delivery of license-keys.

Smart Pricing Options Pre-game menu advertising
JarJacket Wrapper Technology’s Smart Pricing Options
JarJacket Wrapper Technology’s pre-game menu advertising

In addition, the JarJacket engine has built in-game advertising capabilities, allowing you to run advertisements within the game/application menu, as full screen banners, text and video with interactive elements like “click to call”, “click to download”, “click to page”, “click to coupon”, voting, polling and rating.

For more information on the JarJacket Wrapper Technology, please click here.

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